Group therapy room at The Right Solution Counseling St Louis, MO office
The group therapy room at our St Louis location.

Teen Solutions

Group open to: Group open to Middle school and High school

Topics: self esteem/confidence building, coping strategies, social skills, body image issues, decision making skills

Goal: Improving self-esteem and confidence, improving decision making skills

For more information and current dates – please call 314-833-3863.

Social Skills Groups

Group open to: 1st -3rd grade; 4th-6th grade

Topics: Making friends, Keeping friends, Conversation/Positive Interaction skills, Anger Management/Handling Conflict, Coping Skills

For more information and current dates – call 314-374-1620.

New Client Resources

The Right Solution is committed to making counseling services accessible for everyone. All our services are customized to meet your needs. Call us today for more information. For our St Louis location please call 314-833-3863 For our Eureka location please call 314-374-1620