Types of mediations:

  • Domestic/Divorce
  • Family Mediations

What is mediation? Mediation is an informal, respectful and productive way to solve disputes. It is a safe and confidential place to have difficult conversations & make important decision. It is an especially good process for people who will have to continue with a personal or business relationship after the dispute is resolved. Mediation can take place in situations of very low or high conflict; with two individuals or multiple parties; and can involve almost any kind of dispute. In mediation people work together to find the best possible solution that will work for both parties.

What is a mediator? Mediators are neutral parties who help guide, balance and focus the processĀ of decision making in a fair and impartial manner. A mediator is like a referee who provides knowledgeable guidance & helps ensure that solutions are realistic and workable. They are an expert in helping people to communicate better and make decisions. A mediator helpsĀ provide a fair and safe process for people to assess their needs, stay focused, communicate effectively and find a satisfactory outcome for the parties involved.

Mediation benefits: Mediation is a process that helps parties resolve their disputes in a way that is best for them & respects the needs of each person involved. It is less adversarial, less stressful and less expensive than long drawn out disputes. Research shows that people who use mediation are usually more satisfied with both the process and the outcome.

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