Administrative Staff

Kolleen L. Simons, MSW, LCSW – Owner/President

Mindy L. Skaggs, MA, LPC – Clinical Director, Eureka

Molly Dwyer-Simonsen, MA, LPC Clinical Director, St. Louis

Julie Britt – Office Manager

Clinical Staff – Eureka Location

Mindy L. Skaggs, MA, LPC – Clinical Director

Kathy McEntee, MA, LPC

Tiffany Wymore, MA, LPC

Katie Stevens, MA, LPC

Bonnie Waller, M.Ed, LPC

Sarah Ferber, MSW, LCSW

Katherine Dickerson, MA, PLPC

Clinical Staff – St Louis Location

Molly Dwyer-Simonsen, MA, LPC Clinical Director

Kim McLaughlin, M.Ed, LPC

Andrea Nissenbaum, MSW, LMSW, MAADC-II

Kathy McEntee, MA, LPC

Art Nissenbaum, MA, LPC

Lindsay Simons, MSW, LCSW

Sarah Ferber, MSW, LCSW

COVID-19 Update

The Right Solution is committed to offering counseling services during the coronavirus pandemic. We’re taking necessary precautions to keep clients safe while we transition back to office based counseling. Telehealth services will continue to be available (based on insurance carriers). Please call to discuss the ways we may be able to offer help for your unique situation.