Administrative Staff

Kolleen L. Simons, MSW, LCSW – Owner/President

Mindy L. Skaggs, MA, LPC – Clinical Director, Eureka

Fawn Weber, MA, LPC – Clinical Director, St. Louis

Julie Britt – Office Manager

Lindsay Simons, MSW, LCSW – Program Manager

Clinical Staff – Eureka Location

Mindy L. Skaggs, MA, LPC – Clinical Director

Laura Kern, MA, LPC

Art Nissenbaum, MA, LPC

Katie Stevens, MA, LPC

Bonnie Waller, M.Ed, LPC

Kristina Warren, MA, LPC

Clinical Staff – St Louis Location

Fawn Weber, MA, LPC – Clinical Director

Kim McLaughlin, M.Ed, LPC

Andrea Nissenbaum, MSW, LMSW, MAADC-II

Ashley LaFaver, MS, PLPC, MAADC-II

Art Nissenbaum, MA, LPC

Markeyta Stitts, MAADC-I 

Get Started

We understand that asking for help isn’t easy and how hard it can be to take the first step. Get a feel for The Right Solution here while keeping in mind that services are customized to meet each individuals needs. There is no other you! Whatever your needs, you’ll feel at home in our warm, comforting offices that feel like a room in your own home, not a doctor’s office.