With her background in both criminal justice and mental health, Kolleen is able to bring a unique skillset to the first-responder community that most clinicians can’t offer. Our office offers individual and group counseling services for First Responders (and their families).

The Right Solution offers a wide variety of customized services to include:

  • Stress Management trainings/workshops
  • Substance Abuse group and individual services
  • Secondary Trauma and Wellness trainings
  • Interpersonal Communication trainings
  • Peer Support Skills and Training workshops and wellness guides
  • Wellness Checks

For more information or to schedule an appintment, please contact the office at 314-374-1620 or contact us.

Kolleen L. Simons, MSW, LCSW – Founder/President was a St. Louis County Police officer prior to entering the mental health field.

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The Right Solution is committed to making counseling services accessible for everyone. All our services are customized to meet your needs. Call us today for more information at 314-374-1620.